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Tom and Mike are the founders of this site

Tom has been snowboarding for 6 years. He likes to do anything outdoors. He likes terrain parks and back country riding the best. He also is the team terrain park builder in his own back yard, if you want to view picks of his backyard park go to the photo gallery.

Mike has been snow boarding for about 4 years. He started out a skier then he became a snow boarder when he was 11 and likes it better. Mike is more into the terrain park but he really likes to find different spots, like boulder feilds etc., to get his tricks on film.......if you want to see some pictures of Mike on this site, look at the photo gallery.

These are our joined members of our team

Robert has been snowboarding for 6 years.

Steven has been snowboarding for 2 years. He started a skier and did that for 6 years then he decided to snowboard with his sister. He joined the team with Tom and Mike.